Request for admittance

Before contacting us, please note we hold a high standards in everything we do.

We are a PRIVATE, so our rules and high standards separates us from the norm. "Private" implies control, meaning we are NOT open to everyone. However, private does not mean CLOSED. We are selective, not EXCLUSIVE. Enrollment is limited and is by invitation only.

We like to control our environment in order to produce the results we seek. We prefer to surround ourselves with like minded individuals who value the hard work that needs to be put in.

The training we do is the consequence of your attitude. If you can't pay attention or you don't want to work hard, DON'T bother showing up to go through the motions. Nothing is gained by doing one thing with your body and another with your mind.

Finally, responding with an intelligent, honest and caring reply takes time and energy. We don't like to waste either. So before contacting us, please ask yourself (and answer honestly) whether you are planning to ask us a question that's been answered already, e.g. if you plan on taking the easy way out. If so, then we will do the same and delete your e-mail.

Only e-mails containing serious, intelligent inquiries, will be answered.

Please follow the instructions here to request for admission before contacting us.